Cosmic Coin Benefits

Cosmic Coin™ is used to make instant payments and other financial transfers both locally and internationally.
You can carry Cosmic Coin™ in nearly any digital wallet and it can be converted to other currencies swiftly.
You can send or receive digital funds instantly and also convert your hard currency into Cosmic Coin™ at a participating exchange retailer for a small currency swap transaction fee.
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Cosmic Phoenix™ Fund

The Cosmic Phoenix™ Fund is a way for our company and other like minded people around the world to give back to the global community at a whole new level. This fund is set up with the sole purpose of making the world a better place and we operate under the assumption that each person can bring about change and value to their community. Every little piece of positive energy goes a long way and we want to combine our actions to really change the world for the better at an exponential rate.
When you apply to become a member of the Cosmic Phoenix™ Fund you will need to briefly explain your goals and vision for the future as well as the steps you plan to accomplish and your desired timeline of achievements. After you submit your application a member of our team will contact you to learn more about your current or future “world saving” project.
If you’re selected to enter the Cosmic Phoenix™ Fund you will be required to document your journey over the internet so that others can be inspired to either join your cause or start their own “world saving” project. The only requirements for continued funding is that you remain on task and document your journey in perpetuity. We are always here to assist and help you in any way that we can!
You are special!!!
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