PIXEL ECLIPSE™ microcomputers, PRO iO™ Platform, EclipseiO.TV™ and COSMIC COIN™ are still being refined by our engineering team to ensure our customers will enjoy a fully secured hardware and software system, compatible with all devices, and filled with powerful tools that allow your business to grow faster.

PIXEL ECLIPSE™ microcomputers and the PRO iO™ Platform are designed to allow any business, regardless of size, digital marketing experience or financial resources, to implement powerful online resources that traditionally only the largest companies in the world had access to implement and run efficiently. Coming soon…

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PIXEL ECLIPSE™ microcomputers, PRO iO™ Platform and COSMIC COIN™ will be the Global Cloud Network that is used to make the internet, video streaming, IoT management and global financial payments fast, secure and efficient.

We are building this new network to make Your World better and level the playing field for everyone. In this new world, machines will do the tasks we do not want to do, machines will drive for us, cook, clean, heal and help us.

In this New World the streets and airspace will be safer. Food and energy will be much less expensive, the air will be cleaner, the people will be nicer and you will have more time to live your life.

When the machines do everything for us we wont have to work as much as we do now. That’s great news because it means your time is free to do anything that makes you happy. Please visit our COSMIC PHOENIX™ FUND page to see how you can live a life of happiness by doing what you love. You can wait for the robots and cloud software to take your job in a few years or you can decide to let them take your job sooner.

All you have to do is figure our what you truly love to do and make sure whatever you want to achieve each day helps yourself and humanity. No matter what you enjoy doing there is a manner to enjoy and achieve it where you, everyone else and Earth wins. A trifecta of happiness. You are special!